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Wag Dry Dog Food Review: Best for Puppies

The dog food contains optimal percentages of all nutrients so that your pet gets the best and ideal nutritional meal throughout the day. It can actively improve your dog's muscles, bones, and joints' strength as well as their digestion and immune system.

Wag dry dog food

Wag dry dog food

If you have a dog that likes lamb flavored kibble and treats then this product is best for you. It does not have any grain and contains 35% protein.

  • Brand: Wag
  • Model: 9427
  • Flavor: Lamb


The kibble is formulated with very clean, fresh, and nutritious components to help your dog live energetically. It has proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, and many other nutrients.


  • Made from real Australian lamb
  • Has long-chain DHA
  • Contains fatty acids (omega-3)
  • Does not have artificial flavors


  • The kibble crumbles into powder if mishandled
Value for money

The details

WAG dry food is made from 100% original Australian lamb which is also the main ingredient. Combined with lentils, peas, antioxidants, and different phytonutrients, the kibble can be the perfect and well-balanced meal for small as well as large dogs.


It contains lamb, lamb meals, lentils, peas, chicken fat, potato protein, flaxseeds, dried plain beet pulp, dried chicory root, and various vitamins ( B1, A, B6, B12, B2, E, and D3). It also contains iron proteinate, zinc proteinate, copper proteinate, zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, and many other ingredients which blend to give a healthy meal to your dogs.


The product comes in three different sized bags; 5, 15, and 30 pounds bag. The 5-pound bags are ideal especially if you are trying this kibble for the first time. It is the cheapest and you can easily judge whether your dog likes the taste of the food or not!


The nutrients help to improve the digestion, immunity, and muscle development of your dog. The vitamins and minerals are essential for the overall healthy lifestyle of your beloved canine pet. The 35% protein content will help your dog develop strong and healthy muscles, joints, bones, and teeth.


Along with providing a very strong lamb flavor, the product is also suitable for dogs of all ages. So, whether you have a puppy or an adult full-sized dog, this kibble is perfect for all!

Final verdict

The WAG dry food is a nutritious pack of small-sized kibble that most dogs find easy to transition to. The company claims that it will take 7-10 days for a dog to completely transition to the food. Moreover, it provides many nutritional benefits for the dogs as well; strength, energy, and better digestion.

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