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Waowoo Adult Weighted Blanket Review: Best Overall

Are you looking for a weighted blanket that has all the essential features but doesn’t cost a fortune? Well, you’re in luck because the Waowoo weighted blanket fits this description perfectly.

Waowoo Adult Weighted Blanket

Waowoo Adult Weighted Blanket

The Waowoo weighted blanket comes at a price that’s hard to beat yet it doesn’t skimp on quality or comfort.

  • Brand: Waowoo
  • Asin: B07PVLZRHN
  • Pattern: Solid


Waowoo is a weighted blanket that provides great control of temperature, making it suitable for hot sleepers. It’s double-stitched, so you’re guaranteed of its durability. And though it’s weighted, it’s also fairly light and soft; thus, offering a quality night’s sleep. The only drawback is the fact that it comes in just one color (dark grey), which some people might not fancy much.


  • Comes with a case
  • Available in different sizes
  • Double-stitched
  • Made from premium fabric
  • Offers excellent temperature control
  • Machine-washable
  • Includes a case
  • Light and soft


  • Only available in dark grey color
  • Doesn’t include a duvet cover
Value for money

The details

Waowoo is a fairly recent brand. But in the short amount of time it’s been in existence, it’s made a name for itself as a reputable textile manufacturer of weighted blankets.

Not only are their blankets affordable, but they’re also super comfortable and made of quality materials, providing optimal durability. Here’s everything you need to know about the Waowoo weighted blankets.


At first glance, the Waowoo weighted blanket doesn’t come across as particularly innovative or unique. But being ranked as one of the top-rated picks on giant retail sites means something.

One of its key highlights is the fact that it’s available in two different sizes. These include a 60” by 80” and a 36” by 48”.

In addition to this, you have the freedom of choosing between two weights: a 15- and 17-pound. Waowoo calculated an average of 10% of most individuals’ body weights, which is how they came up with the weights of these blankets.

This weighted blanket is also super easy to maintain. This is because it can be washed in a machine, though you’ll need to use a gentle program and cold water.


The Waowoo weighted blanket features durability at its best. It’s filled with glass beads that come in individualy double-stitched pockets for maximum durability.

These pockets ensure the even distribution of the beads’ weight. As a result, the blanket doesn’t feel overly heavy at certain points.

The fact that this blanket has glass beads and not plastic pellets is an advantage in itself. With the former, it only takes a couple of them to achieve the ideal weight, making the blanket less bulky.


With the Waowoo weighted blanket, you’re guaranteed of optimal comfort. This is achieved by incorporating a soft inner layer, which is what supports the glass beads.

This layer is designed with breathability in mind. Thus, it’s able to offer warmth on those cold nights, but not the extent that it causes overheating.


The Waowoo weighted blanket offers significant value for your money. The version we’re reviewing here comes in a generous 60” by 80”, and at a very decent pricing.

The double-stitching on this blanket adds to its longevity whereas the soft inner layer with glass beads provides a great deal of warmth.

Final verdict

This weighted blanket is an excellent choice for homeowners interested in something minimalist but functional. It’s fairly-priced, yet it comes with a generous range of features. And if you prefer something smaller or heavier, it’s also available in a 36” by 48” or a 17-pound weight.

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