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Weddingstar 3-Ply Adult Face Mask Review: Best Adjustable

This one has adjustable ear straps to offer you maximum comfort. You can wash it with your hands in cold water and it is made of 100% Cotton and Rayon.

Weddingstar 3-Ply Adult Face Mask

Weddingstar 3-Ply Adult Face Mask

The mask is best known for its cute and fashionable designs, but it also provides complete safety.

  • Size: Adults
  • Material: Cotton
  • Features: Non-Medical Mask
  • Reusable: Yes


This mask not only looks great, but also has an extra safety feature to keep you protected.


  • Filter pockets
  • Comfortable
  • Great design
  • Adjustable ear loops


  • Fit
Value for money

The details

This mask comes with three layers of protection. One of the layers allows you to insert extra filters for extra safety. The mask also has adjustable ear loops, so if you want a snug fit, you can tighten it, and if it is too tight, you can loosen it.


Additional filters, flexible wire nose, and adjustable ear loops add to the mask’s safety. The filters can be added if you feel the mask is thin. The mask itself has three layers.


The mask is made of cotton and is soft to touch. It is skin-friendly and doesn’t feel stiff or scratchy.


The quality of the mask is pretty good, except some masks may have loose stitching.


The price is just fair for one mask, considering the extra features and the mask’s quality.

Final verdict

This mask is known for its designs, and if you want a mask that adds to your style, matches your outfit, or makes a statement, this is the mask to go for. Besides the design, the mask undoubtedly also provides enough safety.

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