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Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Beach Chair Review: Best Inflatable

It is OwlRatings' best-selling recommendation that offers a unique pillow-shaped headrest design. It also embraces an anti-deflation technology to offer you an inflated lounger for about five to six hours to enjoy.

Wekapo Inflatable Lounger beach chair

Wekapo Inflatable Lounger beach chair

It’s a top-rated inflated lounger!

  • Brand: Wekapo
  • Product Number: B08KDZ3NVF
  • Color: Blue


It’s the comfiest lounger you can find for seaside recreation. It inflates without pump and doesn’t deflate for several hours!


  • Pillow-shaped headrest
  • Anti-deflation technology
  • Extremely lightweight and portable


  • It will be useless if it gets punctured on the beach!
Value for money

The details

Wekapo has crafted this beautiful lounger for campers, beach vacationers, and people who want a comfy lounger in the pool area. It is extremely lightweight, comfy, and quite durable. This lounger won’t puncture if place it on clean surface. Sharp objects on the beach may destroy it if you don’t check the place before placing it!


It turns into the most comforting lounger as you whisk it and inflates it. You get pillow like headrest to enjoy the sunbath throughout the day. Once inflated perfectly, it won’t deflate 5-6 hours! Impressive weight capacity makes it the best inflatable lounger to relax on the beach.


This lounger feels like a top-quality foam mattress. Whether you are alone or with your partner, this lounger will provide ample space to relax on the seashore.  


Wekapo has designed the outer material to support 500-550lbs. It is built to provide years of satisfying service. However, sharp objects can destroy it within a few seconds. So, keep it away from anything that may puncture it! Thus, it is not an ideal lounger to carry in the wild. You can inflate it there if you get clean ground to set up the camp!

Value for money

This lounger seems a bit costlier than other inflatable loungers, but not as costly as other top-rated beach chairs. Wekapo offers a 100% risk-free guarantee to assure 100% satisfaction or you can ask for full refund. Therefore, you can give it a try if you don’t want a traditional beach chair!

Final verdict

The Wekapo Inflatable Lounger is available in many eye-catching colors. You will definitely draw many people’s attention on the beach if inflate it and use it for tanning. Cover the upper surface with towel because it may get hot!

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