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What to Watch on Netflix

So, you got Netflix? Awesome! Now comes the big question of what to watch on Netflix and this can get quite flustering. Here's 5 suggestions.

So, you got Netflix? Awesome! Now comes the big question of what to watch on Netflix and this can get quite flustering. All those endless shows and movies from all over the world with different genres can get rather overwhelming because you are unsure which one to hit play on and hence the scrolling continues. Often, half the time goes into this and can annoy you. So, if you are wondering what to watch then look no further!

We at OwlRatings are here to save the day and save you from the hassle. Keep reading to find our list of the five top movies you should watch on Netflix. So, sit back, grab some popcorn, and go!

Five Movies to Watch on Netflix

We have carefully curated a good list of some of the best movies that can give you a great time. So, let’s dive in, shall we?

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Let’s start our list with the beloved romantic comedy Crazy Stupid Love by John Requa and Glenn Ficarra. With the amazing cast of Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling with Julianne Moore, and Emma Stone, this one is sure to keep you hooked and smiling until the end. Steve Carell plays the heartbroken man as his wife (Julianne Moore) wants to leave him. His confident friend (Ryan Gosling) decides to give him a makeover to get him back on the dating scene and bring some life to his personality and existence.

He begins teaching his friend how to dress better, communicate more, and learn to have a good time. The movie also features good twists and reveals to keep you guessing while making you laugh along. The cast has fantastic chemistry, which is another treat. Moreover, gif lovers will be happy to know that this movie birthed Ryan Gosling’s famous laugh gif!

Uncut Gems

For the lovers of actors displaying amazing versatility, Uncut Gems is an extraordinary movie starring Adam Sandler in a role, unlike his usual self. The funny and comedic guy plays the diamond-dealing gambler with a penchant for a good amount of adrenaline. Howard (Adam Sandler) is a man with crushing debt and he needs to find a solution soon. He takes to gambling and begins placing risky bets that keep increasing as the movie progresses.

He relies on the hope that once he clears the debt, he can start fresh to repair some burnt bridges. However, all the people around him know this to be a mere fantasy. Howard’s addiction becomes too rooted and the razzle-dazzle of those uncut gems takes him on a journey. The creators, Safdie brothers, show New York City in ways nobody saw since the 70s as the city is highly gentrified and so clean making you forget that much goes on the streets.

At Eternity’s Gate

Occasionally, we want to behold magnificent and classic acting that demands an Oscar and leaves a lasting impact on you. Therefore, if you are in the mood for that, At Eternity’s Gate starring the ever-fabulous champion of acting Willem Dafoe is the right pick for you. With stunning visuals and affluent performance, the movie pays tribute to the legendary Vincent Van Gogh and his heart-wrenching existence riddled with suffering and illness, centering on his final years.

Dafoe plays the tormented artist who was like a manic genius with a mental ailment that took over his life and art. It is just the right kind of artful movie to fulfill you, tell the tale of the phenomenon that was Van Gogh, and do his art justice. You will experience all emotions from tender sympathy to great admiration for the sheer talent of the artist as Dafoe plays the role masterfully, fitting for an actor of his grand caliber.

The Block Island Sound

Do you enjoy horror movies? We know we do! Do not worry; we took care of you, too. Netflix always keeps a good stash of indie horror movies that can be quite fantastic with unique plots. The latest to land on Netflix is an eerie sci-fi mystery about an unidentified force in some coastal town that is botching the ecosystem while leaving the witnesses struck with madness. The brother duo of Kevin McManus and Matthew McManus wrote and directed this movie to create a sense of terror as the story unfolds and leaves even the family environments in decay and dysfunctionality.

The movie goes tremendously with everything culminating in a procession of reveals to deliver a slow-burn mystery. However, the vibrant and striking visuals and clever cinematics will keep you glued to the screen. The whole concept is about the fear of the unknown that has everyone in a constant state of shock, curiosity, and fear.

Yes Day

Miguel Artera gives the viewers a feel-good movie with the world’s favorite Jennifer Garner as the lead. In Yes Day, Garner stars with Édgar Ramírez as overworked and exhausted parents weary of saying no to their kids all the time. To make things better, they decide the best cure is a yes day. The movie centers around the parents saying yes to whatever their kids want and while this does not sound the best scenario, this is a simple heartfelt piece where the most the kids want is some sugar and late hours making it ideal for a light movie.

When movies get too complicated and dark with twists and turns, a delightful and straightforward movie is sometimes what we need and Yes Day delivers that in heaps. It is playful and bright with the endearing acting of Garner and Ramírez. Therefore, if you want to watch something to de-stress with the family then this is it.

Final Words

We understand how difficult navigating through endless options can be and we got the solution for you. Hopefully, you can find your pick from our list as we ensured to incorporate something from all genres to fit all moods. There is something for everyone from horror to comedy to feel-good options. Watching movies can be an amazing way to relax and unwind so grab that remote and hit play!

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