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Wholesome Wellness Organic Probiotic Supplement Review: Best for Weight Loss

The 100 CFU formula has been formulated to not just give relief to digestive problems but also help lose weight.

Wholesome Wellness Organic Probiotic Supplement

Wholesome Wellness Organic Probiotic Supplement

Ideal for anyone trying to lose weight and stay fit without putting in too much effort, this probiotic supplement from Wholesome Wellness is a welcome option.

  • Brand: Wholesome Wellness
  • Product Number: B0811P73BT
  • Release date: ‎ December 11, 2019


This is an in-budget solution for people trying to lose weight naturally while staying fit. With 34 probiotic strains, 5 prebiotic types, 9 digestive enzymes, and 7 organic fruits and vegetables, this supplement features one of the most brimming profiles ever.


  • Hormone-free formula
  • Keto-friendly
  • Shelf placement friendly
  • Easy to swallow


  • Comes with a high price tag
  • Not suitable for beginners
Value for money

The details

This supplement by Wholesome Wellness uses 100 billion CFUs in a vegan-friendly formula. It is effective for men and women facing GI issues like gas, constipation, bloating, and leaky gut.


Easily doubling the average count of 50 billion CFUs, this Wholesome Wellness supplement gives the competition a good run for their money.

The timed-release technology of the capsules lets them dissolve in the intestine at the optimal moment which makes this a very effective supplement.

Ingredient quality

All of the ingredients are vegan friendly, and the capsules are made in GMP-certified facility labs. It has been lab-tested and approved for purity and potency.


These capsules have considered common allergies and eliminated some of the most highly allergic ingredients from their formula. These are completely free from binders, eggs, peanuts, wheat, milk, gluten, preservatives, soy, additives, and shellfish.

You can place it outside the refrigerator and still preserve the quality of the product. It can be consumed by pregnant women, nursing mothers, or children under 18 after consultation with their doctors.

Value for money

The 30 capsules which should be consumed 1 per day can last a whole month. They are effective and can be used for several purposes. With the low rate of any side effects and good quality ingredients, the product pays off for the money spent on it.

Final verdict

This is one of the best products in the market given its immense diversity of bacterial strains and very few filler ingredients. While it may not seem to work for some people, others swear by its potency.

It is, however, not a recommended product for people just starting out with probiotics as the CFU count is very high and can lead to gastrointestinal distress.

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