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Why Were Corn Flakes Invented? The Amazing History

Rumor has it that corn flakes were invented to discourage guys from jerking off. Weird right? Here’s the amusing story of how corn flakes came to be.

Corn flakes were developed after John Kellogg and his brother found stale wheat at the sanitarium. John Harvey Kellogg, the founder, believed that sex alone or with other people caused mood swings, acne, epilepsy, and stiff joints. According to him, the best way to discourage the practice was to develop a ready-to-eat anti-masturbatory morning meal.

John believed foods with certain flavors or seasoning increased sex drive and that plain foods like nuts and cereals could reduce it. As a result, Kellogg developed Corn Flakes as an anti-masturbatory breakfast cereal. Is this rumor true, or just a myth to get people believing eating corn flakes will stop them from masturbating? Let’s find out.

Background about John Kellogg

John was also a doctor, nutritionist, and the director of the Battle Creek Sanitarium, a renowned health resort founded by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Being a staunch SDA follower, John believed sex was harmful and affected people’s emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

His staunch belief led him to abstain from sex his entire life and adopt his children. John Kellogg had dedicated his life to promoting eugenics, practices aimed at improving individual genetic makeup by excluding people deemed inferior. The practice saw him discourage the mixing of races and advocate sterilizing people with mental handicaps.

The real story about the invention of corn flakes

It turns out the myth isn’t true. While Corn Flakes was part of John’s advocacy for a plain and bland diet, he never advertised it as an anti-masturbatory morning meal. He advocated for clean living, sexual purity, and bland diets to discourage masturbation but didn’t refer to Corn Flakes.

John Kellogg and his brother Will Kellogg left uncooked wheat to sit as they attended some pressing matters at the sanitarium.

Upon their return, they realized the wheat had gone stale. Since they were on a strict budget, the brothers couldn’t throw it away; instead, they decided to process it by forcing the wheat through rollers, hoping to make long dough sheets. As a result, they produced corn flakes which they served patients.

It was then that John Kellogg decided to obtain a patent for Flaked Cereals and the Preparation Process. The flakes of grain became popular among the patients causing the brothers to experiment with flakes from other types of grains.

Later, Will proposed to add sugar to the recipe to make the flakes more palatable. John disapproved of the idea causing Will to start his company (Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company) and produce corn flakes for the wider public.

In 1907, Will decided to run an ad campaign that offered a free box of cereal to any woman who winked at the grocer. The campaign increased sales significantly. Since then, corn flakes have become a staple morning meal for many households in America along with other grain cereals like Rice Krispies.

Now you know corn flakes were not invented to prevent you from rubbing one out. They certainly made a scrumptious breakfast alternative to the regular bread and toast many people are accustomed to.

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