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Wisdom Panel Health Canine Dog DNA Test Kit Review: Most Accurate

It has a large database of more than 350 breeds and can identify 150+ genetic health conditions. Also, it tests for rare dog breeds like the Brazilian Terrier.

Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit

Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit

The test kit analyzes the rarest dog breeds and the results are mailed within two weeks.

  • Brand: Wisdom Health
  • Product Number: 20430
  • Packs: One


We found this DNA test kit good at testing dogs with mixed genetics comprising unusual breeds.


  • Can test many dog breeds and genetic conditions
  • Easy to use
  • Fast results


Detectable breeds
Genetic disease detection
Turnaround time
Value for money

The details

If you just adopted your dog from abroad or are suspecting it has a highly unique genetic code, the Wisdom Panel Health Canine DNA Test kit is a good buy. Its database has 99% dog breeds recognized by the AKC covering many breeds found across the globe.

Detectable breeds

The testing kit can identify more than 350 dog breeds identifying your dog’s family tree going back to the third generation. This is a relatively large number so you’re confident that the results provided are incredibly accurate. Also, it can test the rarest breeds including the Lacy, Brazilian Terrier, the Jindo to mention a few.

Turnaround time

We found the company’s turnaround time pretty impressive compared to the other DNA test kits we had tested. Wisdom Health mailed the results after two weeks. Also, the company sends an email to confirm receipt of the samples after 3-4 days.

Genetic disease detection

Apart from its genetic detection capabilities, the kit can detect genetic diseases by testing for more than 150 genetic health conditions. During our test, we found it tested up to 180 genetic diseases with the results showing those the dog is a carrier for.

Value for money

Its ability to test even the rarest breeds and many genetic conditions make this DNA test kit a worthy buy for its price range. The test kit can also estimate the dog’s weight and adult size.

Final verdict

This Dog DNA test kit is great for testing unusual dog breeds. With a database of more than 350 breeds, you can identify the genetic composition of the rarest dog breed. However, we realized it was less accurate than comparable test kits. For example, Embark’s test kit reported a 95-99% accuracy rate while Wisdom Panel breed results are 93% accurate.

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