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Withmoons Face Mask Review: Best Washable

It is another one of the highly recommended face masks by OwlRatings as you can use it every day. The inner liner fabric is used in a way that reduces skin irritation. Also, the contoured shape and soft material offer you comfort even for long-term wear.

Withmoons Face Mask

Withmoons Face Mask

The mask is undoubtedly comfortable and is perfect for long hour use. The mask is ideal for summers and hot days.

  • Size: Adults
  • Material: Cotton
  • Features: Non-Medical Mask
  • Reusable: Yes


The material of the mask absorbs the sweat and keeps you dry. It is very breathable and has a few layers to keep the unwanted particles away.


  • Comfortable
  • The fabric stays dry
  • Nose bridge


  • Size is big
Value for money

The details

The reusable mask comes in a pack of three. It is affordable and is of good quality. The mask’s inner layer is made of Coolon fabric, which absorbs the sweat and dries quickly to keep the mask fresh.


The mask has three layers of different densities that mask a good filtration rate and add to the safety. The nose bridge can be adjusted to avoid fogging and reduce spaces.


The fabric is very soft, and the nose bridge sits comfortably on the nose. Although the mask’s size is suitable for medium to large heads as the size is quite big.


The mask is of excellent quality and what makes it better in a way is the Coolon layer. It is made of stretchable cotton, which is breathable and comfortable.


The price is a pretty good catch. Three masks are available at an affordable price, and since they are reusable, they add to your savings.

Final verdict

This reusable cotton face mask is the best choice for the hot summer days. The inner layer of the mask keeps your face dry and the sweat away. So if you are looking for lightweight masks and perfect for summers, this is the best choice.

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