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Wix Free Web Hosting Service Review: Best for Versatility

With a photoshop-like interface, robust eCommerce, and customization tools, Wix makes a pretty solid alternative when looking for free website builders.

Wix Free Web Hosting Service

Wix Free Web Hosting Service

The vast number of templates makes it easy for businesses, artists, and restaurants to find suitable ones for their industry. You’ll also find a dedicated template for a locksmith business for free.

  • Brand: Wix
  • Storage: Up to 500MB
  • Bandwidth: Up to 500MB


Overall, Wix makes a great website builder. Its rich catalog of e-commerce, blog, and SEO tools should help you set up a simple website without spending a dime. And if you want to browse your website on the go, you can use the Wix mobile app.


  • Lots of e-commerce options and templates
  • Intuitive interface
  • Responsive support


  • Doesn’t allow users to change templates
Uptime reliability
Customer support

The details

Wix has been all the rage for quite a number of years with its number of users exceeding those of its competitors.

Its vast number of themes, plugins, and stand-out features like e-commerce tools, mobile apps, title animations, and more make it the most versatile website builder in the market.  


Unfortunately, speed isn’t one of Wix’s strong points. Wix websites load pretty slow; sometimes slower than those with built-in HTML. In an already fast-paced world, this is a huge turn-off for most visitors.

Apart from losing visitors, slow-loading websites risk getting penalized due to poor user experience. However, premium plans have a higher loading speed; though not as high as actual paid web hosting providers.

Uptime reliability

Wix’s uptime reliability is pretty stable whether you are using a free or paid plan. In fact, the site sends an email every 15 minutes if it’s unable to contact the site for even one minute. Throughout the testing period (two weeks) it didn’t slow down once.

Customer support

Wix’s intuitive platform makes it so easy to maneuver that you might not need the support team. However, the top-right section of Wix editor has a Help Center with questions and answers to the most common problem.

If you still can’t find a solution in this section, request a callback or submit a support ticket. And you’ll be pleased to know that this option is available even for free web hosting accounts


The fact that it is available for free is a pretty nice gesture for people building a website on a budget. However, you may need to deal with lots of ads and instead of a custom domain, you get a subdomain (with .wixsite.com) which looks a little unprofessional.

What’s more, the free plan doesn’t allow users to switch templates after choosing one. This is quite frustrating because you’ll be required to create a separate website and transfer files to new pages every time you want to give your website a fresh look.

Final verdict

Wix is an excellent website builder for small businesses operating on a budget. You can access lots of templates you can tailor to your business and the fact that it’s optimized for mobile devices tops it all. By comparison, most free web hosts are designed for use on computers only.

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