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Xumo Free Streaming Service Review: Best for a Balanced Mix of Live and On-demand Content

Xumo is the best free streaming service that broadcasts Live TV shows making it the second-best service for live streaming after Pluto TV.

Xumo Free Streaming Service

Xumo Free Streaming Service

Since Xumo doesn’t require users to create an account, there are no limits as to the number of devices you can stream content simultaneously.

  • Brand: Xumo
  • Live TV: Yes
  • Founded: 2011


Xumo has a relatively small library of about 190 channels with most of them comprising premium-branded channels. Each channel has currently streaming and on-demand content, including movies, short features and TV Shows, so you're never left out.


  • Balanced mix of live and on-demand content
  • Customizable user experience


  • Can’t pause or playback live channels
User experience
Streaming speed
Value for money

The details

The American-owned streaming service was established in 2011 as a joint venture between Panasonic and Viant Technology. Generally. Live TV video streaming services are expensive since their prices depend on licensing deals with cable channel owners.

Xumo breaks this norm by broadcasting Live TV shows for free. Note, the service doesn’t broadcast paid Live TV services; instead, it shows select livestreams, on-demand content and a collection of interest-based channels.


By comparison with Pluto TV, another free live streaming service, Xumo makes a worthy competitor. With a News category provides live streams of Bloomberg, ABC News Live, and NBC News Now it makes a worthy rival.

However we found that Xumo doesn’t have live broadcasts for sports. Instead, you get highlight shows and commentary from Field & Stream, Sports Illustrated and other such channels. As for its TV and Movie category, you get to enjoy content from American Classics, FilmRise and generic-based channels like Black Cinema.

User experience

Navigating Xumo’s web interface is easy thanks to its easy-to-use platform. Also, it doesn’t have too many ads as other free streaming services. When watching on-demand content, you view advertisements that remind you about recently released titles.

Also, we noticed that the streaming service displayed a short 20-30 second commercial break when switching from one channel to another. It only happened on the Roku version of Xumo.

Streaming speed

For optimal and buffer-free streaming, Xumo recommends a speed of 10 Mbps. And with most of the content having a resolution of 720p HD, this speed is more than enough even when streaming content on multiple devices.


By comparison to its closest competitor, Pluto TV, Xumo performs equally well. It has a healthy mix of on-demand and Live TV shows. Also, Xumo is available on mobile devices, web, and media streaming platforms and as an app on smart TVs, so you don’t need to purchase new streaming devices. However, we couldn’t stream content on smart TVs like Apple TVs and gaming consoles like Xbox One and Chromecasts.

Final verdict

Xumo has outdone other free streaming services due to its ability to broadcast Live TV shows. However, we experienced some lag in its web interface when using the mobile app. Also, its limited selection of streaming devices was a bummer especially for users using smart Tvs like Apple TV exclusively.

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