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Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum Review: Best Affordable

Want to keep your home clean without spending a fortune? Check out Yeedi K600, a robot vacuum with a pocket-friendly price tag.

Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum

Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuum

The Yeedi K600 gives you a decent run time of up to 110 minutes. Even though this is not the best, it enables the bot to clean a fairly large space without having to go back for a recharge.

  • Brand: Yeedi
  • Product number: K602G
  • Run time: Up to 110 minutes


With Yeedi K600, you invest small and win big returns. It’s one of the most low-priced models, yet it offers a strong suction power, decent battery life, fairly large dustbin capacity and a great cleaning performance. That said, the inability to set up virtual barriers and connect to your home’s WiFi network means it’s a step behind robot vacuums that offer these features.


  • Includes a massive dustbin capacity
  • Brushless motor delivers ample suction power
  • Quiet & numerous cleaning modes
  • Long runtime


  • Lacks virtual barriers and WiFi connectivity
Battery life
Ease of use
Value for money

The details

Even if you don’t like cleaning, having to spend several hundred dollars on a robot vacuum seems a little excessive. Thankfully, the Yeedi K600 is very fairly-priced, making it affordable even for those with a limited budget.  

Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. If anything, it offers more for the price; from a long battery life to a brushless motor and a large sized dustbin. Here is what the Yeedi K600 has in store for you.


One of the first things you’ll notice about Yeedi entails its compact design. It has an almost circular shape with a 3.1-inch height. Though a little taller than other robot vacuums, it can still fit underneath most furniture.

But the most impressive aspect regarding its design entails the tempered glass used for its top. This makes it capable of withstanding accidental bangs and drops, but it doesn’t make it bulletproof. If you were to drop something heavy on it, it would still break, meaning you’ll need to exercise caution.

On the plus side, the tempered glass is a step-up from the frail ABS plastic you’re likely to find on other vacuum cleaners.

Extending from the front edges is a pair of dual side brushes. These work efficiently if you’re cleaning a wooden or tiled floor but not so much on a soft floor (one that has a carpet or rug).

The robot vacuum also comes equipped with a rubber roller brush, which does the bulk of the cleaning. It has a V-shape design, enabling it to push off excess dirt to the side; hence preventing it from clogging the bot.

Also worth mentioning is that the K600 is driven by a brushless motor, delivering a suction power of up to 1800 Pa.

Thanks to its design, the unit operates very quietly. When running in the highest setting, it only produces about 55dB, which is quite low. This makes it suitable for operating around pets and toddlers.

Ease of use

This robot vacuum boasts several features that make it pretty easy to use.

For one, it comes with a remote control, enabling you to control all the unit’s functions with the press of a button. You will be able to start and stop cleaning, navigate it so it goes back to its charging dock, and shift between cleaning modes.

Yeedi K600 comes with a generous 0.6L dustbin. This provides more than enough room to store dirt from one cleaning session. As such, you can save time and energy as you don’t have to go back and forth to empty the unit.

Battery life

Run time is one of Yeedi’s strongest points. The vacuum cleaner runs on 2600 mAh batteries, which provide a run time of up to 110 minutes.

Though the manufacturer doesn’t specify the mode of suction that delivers this threshold, our research shows that it’s capable of a run time of at least two hours on its lowest setting. If configured to run in Max mode, this decreases to about an hour and a half.

What we love most about this unit is the fact that it automatically returns to its charging base as soon as the battery starts running low. Plus, it takes approximately 4 hours to charge to full capacity.


As you might have guessed from the title, this is one of Yeedi K600’s best feature- its affordability. While the majority of robot vacuums force you to shell out a few hundred dollars, this one is just slightly over $100.

For such a fair price, you’d expect the vacuum cleaner to fall short of your expectations. But it doesn’t. It delivers a solid cleaning performance, and thanks to its brushless motor, it doesn’t generate a ton of noise.

Final verdict

Yeedi K600 is the best robot vacuum for homeowners on a shoestring budget. Though you’ll pay very little for the unit, you’ll have a ton of features at your disposal.

For instance, it provides a decent cleaning performance on tiled and hardwood floors. It runs quietly and can last for an incredible two hours if operating on its lowest setting.

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