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YnM Oeko-Tex Weighted Blanket Review: Best for Anxiety

Are you searching for a weighted blanket that will relieve your stress and anxiety? Look no further than the YnM Oeko-Tex blanket.

YnM Oeko-Tex Weighted Blanket

YnM Oeko-Tex Weighted Blanket

With seven layers of breathable fabrics and materials, the YnM Oeko-Tex blanket is the best at offering relief from anxiety and stress. It also enhances your sleep quality.

  • Brand: YnM
  • Product number: darkgreyinnerlayer15
  • Fabric type: Cotton


The YnM weighted blanket has a 7-layer construction, yet it comes at a very affordable price. It’s designed using a refined sewing method, increasing its durability. And, it’s made of breathable fabrics, so you won’t have to worry about getting overly hot at night. That said, be very keen when choosing the specific size and weight of the blanket you’re interested in. If you make any trivial errors, you may end up with the wrong blanket, and this won’t do you any good.


  • Affordable
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes
  • Boasts a refined sewing technology
  • Made of breathable fabrics
  • Has an exceptional 7-layer system


  • There have been reports of discrepancies when it comes to size
Value for money

The details

If you’re looking for a weighted blanket that will help you relax and combat stress and anxiety, the YnM Oeko-Tex is just what you need.

It’s efficient but is also very affordable, and this explains why it’s such a favorite for many. Here’s a comprehensive review of this weighted blanket.


One feature that sets this blanket apart is the fact that it’s well-constructed. It has seven layers, which are a mixture of fiberfill, cotton material and glass beads.

The exterior is made solely from cotton. This is an excellent choice of material as it wicks away moisture, a particularly handy feature for hot sleepers.

Underneath this cotton exterior is a thin layer of fiberfill. This is what gives the blanket its shape, and minimizes the feel and weight of the glass beads. Finally, there’s the core of the blanket that contains toxic-free and hypoallergenic glass beads.


The YnM weighted blanket sports exceptional durability. According to the manufacturer, a refined sewing technology has been employed in its construction. This ensures that there’s no likelihood of the micro-glass beads ever spilling out.

The biggest drawback of this weighted blanket is that it doesn’t have a cover that would otherwise offer more protection.

YnM makes up for this by incorporating sturdy fabric loops into the blanket. This means you can still purchase a duvet cover separately and attach it.


With the YnM weighted blanket, you’re guaranteed of maximum comfort. This comes from the fact that the beads are well-distributed.

The beads are well-arranged in tiny inner pockets, offering uniform weight distribution and enabling the blanket to conform to your body.


The YnM weighted blanket is a highly valuable investment. Most of the blankets we’ve looked- specifically those with 7-layer systems- have prices that go over the $100 mark. So the fact that this one comes in at slightly under $50 is a massive advantage.

Final verdict

If you suffer from anxiety or stress, a weighted blanket like the YnM Oeko-Tex may be what you need for relief. By exerting a reasonable amount of pressure, this blanket triggers the production of feel-good hormones that help to combat anxiety, stress and depression.

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