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Z Tox Weight Loss Supplement Review: Best Supplement for Stopping Sugar Cravings


Z Tox Weight Loss Supplement

Z Tox Weight Loss Supplement

A supplement that optimizes your sleep cycle by helping you get more restorative sleep, Z Tox aims to assist with weight loss by making you feel satiated and getting a deep restful sleep. It promises to optimize different biological functions, burn more stubborn fat, and bring down cortisone levels by helping users experience deep sleep.

  • Brand: Z-Tox
  • Unit count: 60 count
  • Item form: Tablets


Z Tox essentially aims at maintaining optimum melatonin levels in the body so it can be part of a long-term healthy weight loss strategy. With a good night's sleep, it is possible for the body to go into a state of relaxation, and energy consumption switches to a minimum. As such, when you wake up you feel energized and your brain is refreshed. This is a great start for any supplement, but if you want quick results, you may be disappointed. Z Tox typically takes between two to three months to show its full effects and users need to be consistent while using the supplement.


  • Works as an anti-anxiety supplement
  • Regulates melatonin levels
  • Money back guarantee
  • Free shipping on all orders


  • Not available offline
Value for money

The details

Z Tox is a dietary supplement that also works as a sleep aid and helps users experience a restful sleep, decrease their cravings, and offer additional health benefits. It targets NREM 3 deep sleep which is the most restorative phase of sleep. As it normalizes your sleep/wake cycle, it will help relieve anxiety and support the nervous system as well.


Targeting NREM 3 deep sleep, Z Tox starts to restore hormonal metabolism keeping hormonal levels associated with hunger and cravings in check.

The formula contains a high dose of melatonin that pairs up with other equally beneficial ingredients that let you have a good night’s sleep and reduce your cravings for food. The cumulative effect of relaxation and a good shut-eye can help lose weight over time.

It also targets hormonal imbalances in the body as sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on hormones. At the same time, it also claims to regulate stress in hunger hormones which translates into fewer calories consumed, restricting unnecessary food cravings or appetite swings.

In addition, it can also optimize energy consumption which will leave you feeling more energized in the morning.


Z Tox contains an impressive profile of sleep-inducing ingredients.  

  • First among these is melatonin which when paired with calcium and magnesium can perform really well to promote restful sleep. Z Tox contains 10mg of melatonin per serving.
  • The formula contains a 17mg dose of calcium which acts as a catalyst for melatonin production. Calcium also activates tryptophan which is an amino acid that increases the production of melatonin.  
  • Magnesium is responsible for signaling the neurological system to check the amount of melatonin. Each serving of the talks contains 30MG of magnesium.
  • The fourth ingredient in the Z Tox formula is vitamin B6 which is crucial to keeping up energy levels during the day and also inhibits the production of melatonin so that you can perform at your best during the daytime. Every serving of Z Tox contains 2mg of vitamin B6.

The nice thing about this ingredient profile is that all these nutrients are already found in the body and there are no synthetic components in the formula. What Z Tox does is optimize the doses that can help you sleep better, eat less, curb Your cravings, manage your blood glucose levels, and lose weight.

Manufacturers claim that users don’t really have to pair the supplement with any type of dietary changes or exercise, but we feel otherwise. It’s true that the supplement contains potent ingredients to support sleep quality and weight loss but when you pair these up with additional measures such as watching what you eat and incorporating a little bit of exercise into your daily routine, we feel that the results will be amplified.


Z Tox uses only natural, plant-derived ingredients paired with a few vital nutrients that can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Since it provides ingredients that are already present in the human body, anyone above 18 years of age can use Z Tox safely. Its function is only to amplify the action of ingredients already present in the body by optimizing the dosage.

As such, it is generally considered safe to use for almost everyone.

Manufacturers of the supplement claim that their product is manufactured in FDA-certified laboratories with every ingredient tested for quality before being used in their formula.

Given its natural ingredient profile, Z Tox does not seem to present any side effects for most users. A few reviews that do mention side effects include minor headaches and nausea for a couple of days before the body gets used to consuming Z Tox daily.

Value for money   

Z Tox is available for the price of $59 per bottle with 60 capsules in each bottle. Manufacturers recommend taking two capsules daily along with a glass of water and continue using the supplement as recommended.

Multiple packs bring this cost down to 3 bottles of Z Tox amounting to $147 with free shipping, and 6 bottles of Z Tox coming to $264 with free shipping.

The manufacturers of this formula also bundle two bonus eBooks with multi-package combos.

The first is a compilation of easy to cook fat-burning recipes that users can prepare in less than 10 minutes. Aptly titled 10 Minute Fat Burning Recipes, this book allows users to control what they cook in their kitchen and to manage their weight better.

The second book is titled the 60 Second Bedtime Flows for Fat Loss which allows users to engage in some basic movements and workouts before bedtime.

Every order of Z Tox comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee where if you are not satisfied with the results, you can easily ask for a complete refund.

Final verdict

Z Tox is a recommended product for anyone who has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the duration of the night. If you feel that your disturbed sleep is part of the problem that won’t let you lose weight, you can avail this unique herbal blend that has been seen as helpful for people above the age of 40.

It is a well-rounded product that will target the common problems of reducing excess belly fat, preventing unwanted weight gain, premature aging, hunger, and sugar cravings. But if you expect to see changes happen in a matter of weeks, this product may not be for you as it takes between two to three months for it to work best.

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